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Business Analysis

Ingenious Solutions provides business analysis to help your organization improve how it conducts its functions and activities. The end result is reduced overall costs, more efficient use of resources, and better customer support.

Our business analysts use structured methodology which concentrates on completely understanding your needs, identifying how best to meet those needs, and then "reinventing" the stream of processes to meet those needs.

Ingenious Solutions utilizes business process improvement (BPI) as a key strategy and a management tool, capable of supporting your organization's vision, mission, goals, and objectives. We promote the effective use of technology throughout your organization.

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Application Development

Ingenious Solutions develops applications to help your organization increase efficiency and reduce waste. We use Rapid Application Development (RAD) methodology to create either customized tools or out-of-the box solutions.

Ingenious Solutions project managers guide and monitor every step of the applications development process from system requirements to user acceptance testing and rollout. They ensure that the delivered application not only meets the needs of users but has low maintenance costs as well.

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Once the application has been installed, Ingenious Solutions helps your staff acquire the knowledge, skills, and competencies necessary to use the application in their daily operations.

Ingenious Solutions also develops documentation for the application and can provide trainers for the professional development your workforce may require to integrate the new application or process.

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